Army of Assassins

253 Members
May 6, 2010
29 Events Played
The idea behind this group is crush all groups , as the name already implies( Army of Assassins). We embody the spirit of international teamwork. Any group stands or falls with the participation of its members . and we hope that your well-being and level of satisfaction transposes to other members within the group and lift our group to higher places! i hope to see all members happy that are a very important requirement for a group's success .join and supporting us to defeat our rivals. We always look to win, and especially defeat any chess teams that think they are stronger than us! Some call us Warriors, and some call us Chess Assassins or Super Assassins, all the same, we are all STRONG chess players! In the end we are play chess without any mercy, there is No place for the weak or the defeatists on our chess teams! We always play chess to win, and never to lose!