Aspiring Chess GMs

64 Members
Jul 26, 2023
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Welcome to The Aspiring Chess GMs Chess Club! In this club, you can chat, friend others, show your games, etc

We are not a perfect club, we never said it was. We would be happy if you would join us. We understand that you may be skeptical, thinking 'that's what all clubs say.' However, our club holds a genuine appreciation for every member, valuing them for who they are rather than solely focusing on the member count. We genuinely believe that everyone has something unique to offer and contribute to our incredible community. While we hate to sound like the typical persuasive club, we would be thrilled if you decided to join us. Your presence would undoubtedly enrich our community even further, and we're confident that you'll discover meaningful ways to make a difference within our club. So, click that green join button to make our club a better, extraordinary chess community!

How our club is unlike others:


Please invite your friends, have fun, and chat with others. Join Matches, tournaments, and Vote chess games!


Club Rules:

1. The only time you are getting muted, kicked or banned is when you annoy another person in the club or when you don’t follow the advertising rule

2. No swearing.

3. Don't promote or demote members without the permission of @ZachGod07 

4. Don't create your own rules etc without the permission of @ZachGod07

5. Don't ban or grief.

6. Don't excessively spam. If the messages sent are different, then it's acceptable.

7. No abusive talk

8. If you do advertise more than 5 times in this club you will be muted until you promise not to do it again and if  you do it again then you will either be banned or kicked out