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Azdon01: Tournamont Players Group

Azdon01: Tournamont Players Group

Location: Arizona
Founded: May 12, 2012
Members: 34
This is a group of players who have played in a tournament directed by me and would like to play in more of my tournaments. In this group there will be no matches,no vote chess ,no nothing. All you will do is wait until i start a new tournament, Then i will invite the whole group to play . At that time you can enter or not, That is up to you. What i need is for about 1 out of 10 to enter then i can get a good start on the tournament list . The more i get the higher i can be on the list and get the tournament started that much faster.


  • Online Nov 24, 2012

    don peters | United States

    Joined Club: May 12, 2012


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