Bernal Chess Club

San Francisco, CA
Mar 15, 2020
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10 days ago
Thanks Mike.. yes it could have gone either way.
11 days ago
I should have simplified the position when I was a piece up to maintain the lead. But Arnold rallied! Good game and stuff to work on!
12 days ago
Excellent first match. I thought Mike had me but I was able to come back to procure the checkmate!🙂
12 days ago
Check out this #chess game: kilo2mike vs Arnolio -
Feb 13, 2023
Cool. We can play some games and I'll have a friend to look for when I actually go to bernal heights to play chess in person.
Bernal chess night is back!

Bernal chess night is back!

jujugall | Jun 21, 2021
Well this is exciting news, isn’t it? Until Progressive Grounds reopens for evening hours, our temporary venue will be the Prentiss Mini Park in Bernal Heights. Bring a chess set if you have one. And a jacket. You’re welcome to bring a card table and chairs if you feel like it. See you soon! Thurs, June 246pm – 8pmPrentiss Mini Park on Prentiss near Eugenia, San Francisco