Bernal Chess Club

San Francisco, CA
Mar 15, 2020
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Mar 16, 2020
Good morning! Until we can meet in person again (and even after that), feel free to use this online club to play games with other members. You can choose the time controls, rated vs. unrated, etc. You can even play games that allow takebacks, for more of a casual learning mode. If anyone has an idea for how to make this more of a group experience, go for it!
Mar 15, 2020
Bernal chess night is back!

Bernal chess night is back!

jujugall | Jun 21, 2021
Well this is exciting news, isn’t it? Until Progressive Grounds reopens for evening hours, our temporary venue will be the Prentiss Mini Park in Bernal Heights. Bring a chess set if you have one. And a jacket. You’re welcome to bring a card table and chairs if you feel like it. See you soon! Thurs, June 246pm – 8pmPrentiss Mini Park on Prentiss near Eugenia, San Francisco