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Bird Lover's Group

Bird Lover's Group

Founded: Nov 23, 2012
Members: 52
There are few creatures on the face of this planet more beautiful than the bird, from the Ostrich to the Hummingbird or from the Pereguine Falcon to the Parrot or Macaw. As pets, our finches and canaries liven our homes with soothing sounds and are a joy to watch. For hookbills, the masses see an overgrown canary. Few, other than the avian enthusiast, realize the intelligence, cleverness and companionship these wonderful creatures have to offer mankind. Few understand that the racing pigeon is more than a sporting event, as this family of birds do, indeed, bond to their owners and provide companionship. Are you a bird enthusiast? Do you understand the joy of having a feathered friend, the satisfaction of actively seeking to preserve and rescue the endangered, the peace and tranquility that comes with simply watching them in the wild? Join our flock while we discuss all matters avian between some great chess games.


  • Online 1 hr ago

    William Walter Wayne Wilkinsburg | 767 Suey Slew Swamp Street, Shreveport, United States

    Joined Club: May 30, 2016

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    Christopher Pike | Milky Way, Sector 001, Sol 3, Kansas, United States

    Joined Club: Nov 23, 2012


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