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Black Shield Assassins

Black Shield Assassins

Secret Location Founded: Jan 26, 2009
Members: 98
Hi, B.S.A. is in need of high rated players to join vote matches to help us learn while we discuss moves. High rated players will benefit from eachother while discussing moves and low rated players will benefit from asking questions. The rating standard is limited to 1500 and above so the few lower rated players are those who have been Assassins that have been faithful since before the rating limit was established. Our only rule is that all members must sign the "Omerta" to agree to be a faithful team player and respect eachother. Here is the link to the Omerta forum: http://www.chess.com/news/omerta-news-7656 Sign your chess.com username and rating in RED. Thanks, Pastoryoshi This group was formed to bring together players with a killer instinct from all walks of life. All are welcome but cheaters! Got a grudge? Tell us a name and we shall put it on the assassin target list where you can pick targets to hunt or hire an Assassin to hunt your foe!


  • Online 2 hrs ago

    Rico Da Barber | Harlem, NY, United States

    Joined Club: Apr 4, 2009

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    Duane Bingham | chicago, United States

    Joined Club: Mar 3, 2009

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    Erick Lipkowski | Chicago, United States

    Joined Club: Jul 29, 2009

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    London, United Kingdom

    Joined Club: Mar 8, 2010

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    Joined Club: Aug 1, 2009

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    Localhost, United States

    Joined Club: Sep 6, 2010


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