Join this club if you are a brawl stars player or a fan!

There will be a lot of tournaments and matches!

We are a very active club!

Please join because everyone in this club would be respectful.draw.png

Each year, there will be a tournament with prizes for the 1,2,3 ranking.

1st: Player of the month+50 trophies+Admin

2nd: Coordinator+10 trophies

3rd: Coordinator+5 trophies

Our best player is... FM FlamingPhoenix  

Reflections: A year of learning and playing chess - Ravijot Singh ...

Good luck!!!

You can be ADMIN OR SUPER ADMIN if you have good reasons and ideas for  how to help the club:

Inviting members

Being kind to everyone

Post cool news

Please do not advertise or spam! If you spam too many times (5) we will automatically demote or even ban you. But don't take it too seriously.

If you have more questions, please contact me or my friend Brawler_boss_accout

Thank you for reading this introduction. Hope you will enjoy this club!

If you join, just text me that you join and I will give you 5 trophies! 

Now I'm asking you: would you join?


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Collaboration with: Brawler_boss_account


You can also contact the Staff members of the club Brawler ( Brawler Administration Team): 

Chief_Bibi: Club creator+rule maker+News poster

Brawler_boss_account: Promotion and demotion manager

Arturo2005: Matches and Vote chess manager

Ang1372: Assistant

4Bishboo: Invitation manager

ChessGM111: rule applicator

NM KnightCheckShadow: Youngest master in the world!

Lusik648: Brawl Stars news poster

Player of the month: NM KnightCheckShadow

Guineapig25: Partner Club Creator+Arturo Assistant

Justin326: Secretary

Shasm: Club detector

Dakotado: Chat moderator

CCcaleb: Invitation Administrator



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