British Online Chess Championships

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Dec 10, 2020
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Welcome to the Home Club for the British Online Chess Championships for accepted entrants into the Summer 2021 Festival of events, which start on 24 July with a series of qualifiers for the second season of Championships comprising Open, Women's, Seniors' (50+ & 65+) and Juniors' (age limited) Championships.   


The qualifiers and finals include Standardplay (45/15 or 60/15) , Rapid (10/5) , Blitz (3/2),  and Bullet (1/0).   For aficionados of longer online formats there was also a Major Open competition with a series of rating limited sections (U2000, U1700 & U1400) at Standardplay and Rapid formats ,


ENTER via the online entry form for the BULLET events  from the Festival website and once accepted return here to join the Festival Home Club on for news and information during the Festival as well as how to join the event clubs for the Qualifiers for the various Championship Events.   Late entries received after the cut-off dates/times will be considered, but may not be accepted depending on the particular events requested.   Closing dates for entries TBA.


THIS CLUB WILL BE DEDICATED ON ANY GIVEN DAY DURING THE FESTIVAL TO THE EVENTS (EXCUDING JUNIOR ONLY ONES) IN PLAY DURING THE DAY.   Participants in Junior Only events should consult the Championship event Clubs they have joined.  Each junior club covers all time controls.