brown jack chess club

  •  Brown Jack Chess Club


     Club venue:

      Brown Jack public house

    1 Priors Hill


      SN4 0RT

    The club meets almost every Monday evening at 7.30pm.

    We are committed to encourage local chess players of all

    strengths, although we do have several particularly strong

    members (current and previous County champions). New

    players including juniors are welcome, but parents would

    need to arrange adequate supervision for young players.

    We play in an annexe of the pub, away from the main bar


    Club subscription rates are modest. The first few evenings

    that new players attend are free of charge.


       brown jack pub
       brown jack
       WILTSHIREsn4 ort

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  • 4 years ago


    Hi My name Is Mike Hutchinson and have just started the Crown Inn chess club in Pewsey , we meet on a Thursday evening and play "social" chess there are about 10 of us with a range of abilities ratings from 1000 to 1600. As you are our closest club we were wondering if you were up for a friendly match you would be made very welcome.   

  • 8 years ago


    sorry for late reply,internet problems,we meet monday evenings 7:30 pm until pub closes around 11:30,we have two teams a minor team and  a 4 a side team with players rated who are rated 125 and above,we may have matches going on at same time as pratice depending on who match it is,so if your interested just turn up on a monday evening to play,we break up for christmas on the last monday before christmas then back on the 5th off jan,hope to see you there

  • 8 years ago


    Hi I was just wondering. I live in Dublin but am spending the holidays in Engalnd and live near the M4 and wanted to keep my eye in. Are there any nights or days where I could come down to pla some OTB.

  • 8 years ago


    anyone who lives in swindon,Wiltshire,England and want to join our club,post here and i will send you details,we are currently looking for players so if you interested post here :)

    ps looking further a field as well if you dont mind travelling :)

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