Bughouse Masters

Nov 22, 2018
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Jan 27, 2022
Hello Linus, i have question about your match vs EEkarf +Egosmaherr. Was the problem with lag in the last seven games?
Jan 1, 2022
You have a very gigantic rating Mr.@ Grandelicious
Jan 1, 2022
/Hello Everyone is advertisement allowed in this club? Also will anyone pls partner me at anytime
Nov 17, 2021
We respect you Linus as a top player and a good person, You as be ambassador of european bughousists discuss the issues like stalling (fics called sitting) with the management of chess.com. Obviously many players (even with ratings over 2000 as You can see in main bughouse club discussion) have the opinion that this is pooor sport and reporting it, what leads to reactions and then deleting players.
Thats sad. He can probably email them and get unbanned soon. Hope he comes back, always fun to play with and against him. Tell him to email them and ask for unban