Bullet Chess Masters

381 Members
Apr 15, 2011
219 Events Played
This group is dedicated to all bullet lovers on chess.com. Anyone who has a passion & experiences of bullet chess, can join anytime, and non bullet players are most welcomed too !. Participation for the group is required and appreciated. You can join Team Matches & Vote chess and you can share forums, puzzles, and other good tactics of chess. Playing games are experiences, so join matches. You can share your opinions about the group and send feedback. If you need any detail information about our group contact the admins, we're always ready to help. We all wish to reach a high success on chess.com one day, so we're thankful for joining of each member and welcomed as a Bullet Master. Bullet Chess are always great ,Quick, stressful, and all about time management the luckiness is always by us. Let's be proud that we are Bullet Players and we know to handle stress and Time We love Bullet Chess for ever!! :-)