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  • Lots of casual Chess players haunt the booths and tables at Coffee Time, evenings and weekends (Saturday nights in particular). Likely the most popular café for chess in Portland, most evenings you will find players and observers hanging about. If noone is open, lay out your own board and someone will likely come around for a game. Blitz is popular, but there are leisurely players too.

    Other great places to play for Portland Chess:
    Pioneer Courthouse Square
    NW corner of Morrision & Broadwayoutside Starbucks. Lunch till evenings during nice weather. 

    The new Director Park, downtown, has a BIG Chess set. The staff brings the pieces out daily at 2pm.

    The Portland Chess Club (photos)
    8205 SW 24th Ave. 503/246-2978 The Portland Chess Club now meets Tue, Thur at 7:30 PM and Saturdays at 2:00 PM. Serious chess - Tuesday QUADs - Tuesdays at 7:30 PM USCF Rated tournament 40/90 G/60 - Game/60 - Last Saturday of the month USCF rated - See web for details Blitz tournament - Every Thursday at 7:30 PM - All levels welcome Causal Play - First and third Saturdays 2:00 PM Kid's - Scholastic tournaments monthly - See web for details 

    Backspace Cafe 115 NW 5th Ave.

    Lucky Laborador - Mondays 7pm - 915 SE Hawthorne Blvd

    For the really hard core player, has listing of gen-u-[w]ine Oregon/Washington chess clubs. You may also want to post your favorite venue here.

       Coffee Time
       710 NW 21st Ave
       Portland, Oregon, 97209
       United States

    Map it!



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    I went there for years but the magic has come to an end there are a few players who show up on a saturday night,I just got tired of dealing with homeless people and most of the chess player's had alcohol/drug issues.Coffee time has run it's course and there is plenty of places to play in Portland ,the Portland chess club,Beaverton(sean tolbin tournaments) Plus a lot of the 1500 strenght players acted like they were masters. R.I.P. coffee time

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    If anyone is interested in teaching locally, please contact Alan Svehaug at

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    I was there Saturday night 2013-July-13 after 9pm and there was a lively chess scene going on.

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    Is this still true?

    Also, is the service still horrible at this place? I remember it having hipster baristas and homeless people sleeping on the  chairs.

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    Hello we are people from team Holland and play togheter in cafe de laurierboom in Amsterdam in Holland can we make a match ?

    gr. hynder (klaas)

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    @Agave this Tiga u mention, thier website doesn't mention drunk chess. Help a sober shut in, when do they do this thing u r too healthy for?

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    I went there for years. These posts are old. Sadly, no one plays there anymore, and the staff have become increasingly unfriendly to the chess community. There is now no place, as far as I can tell, that has a regular healthy chess atmosphere (not talking about the few bars like tiga where a few drunks get together and play). We need to do something about it.

    Forget PDX chess way out there in Gresham. We need something here in Portland!



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    i have passion for this game very well and i hope you guys can expose this game to nigerians who are interested in it.
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    you guys should put your group up on

    there's quite a few people in portland that are looking for a chess group.

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    My brother-in-law started this company!  Good to see games still being played here.
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