Canterbury Chess Club -- Christchurch, New Zealand.  All players are welcome to join this online club.

Websites: and .

For organizing club member events, we use a Discord server where you can view information about tournaments, and use voice chat.  Please direct-message an admin or the Club Secretary for a link

It is not compulsory to join the Discord, but we do ask that you enter under your real first name; as an Incorporated Society it is a legal requirement for us to take details of members and associate members.  A copy of our privacy policy will be available on request.

Social events hosted on and other sites will be advertised in all of our online places. Players who wish to play social events anonymously are most welcome to join into any event that the club posts on .



Address: Unit 9, 27 Tyne St by Hagley Park (aim for Mandeville street).

NOTE: The physical club is closed due to COVID-19.