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Need a group that is fun, awesome, and has most of the things that you need? Most people pick Chess 101 as their pick! Chess 101 is one of the newest international fast growing group on Rising quickly we have over 110 great members in only 2 weeks! We would love your contribution in this wonderful and fantastic group.We have over 20 on-going team matches and more team match challenges sent than any other average group! Need help on what move to make in vote chess? Our great vote captains will help. Also, dont forget the 101 chess forums! There are over 5 games, weekly puzzles, and so much more! If you think that you did something great and spectacular, we'll put you on the 101 Hall of Fame, something that other groups dont have. In Chess 101, we care about our members and if you have a problem, just feel free to ask our super admins. Please join Chess 101 today for the experience of a lifetime! :)


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