1 day ago
Hi all, we are hosting a rapid tournament on 26th June. Details available on the forum post.
12 days ago
Hi all! I played chess on and off all my life (I'm 48) but never had any systematic training. I started to play again more or less regularly a couple of years ago, with disappointing results. I never had an official chess rating, but 30 years ago I did play A LOT, and based on the results against rated friends my playing strength was about 1800+. Now I intend to start with intermediate plan, just to find out how far can I go at this tender age :)
15 days ago
Good luck jberrHTX!
23 days ago
Hey all, 38 year old newbie. Joined today with the Novice Program. Started playing in November and faired terribly. I've attempted to come up with a study plan and ran into this. Looking forward to improving!