Chess Goals

Sep 2, 2018
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5 days ago
hello i have been playing for 1 year but i can get my score up in blitz and fast if you could help me i would appreciate it.
7 days ago
Hello from Denmark, I have been playing on on and off the last 2 years. Allso, I have seen a lot of youtube chess videos in that period, that I find relaxing to watch for some reason. It was on youtube I came across Chess Goals. I play 10 minute games mostly and fluctuate between 1500 and 1600. I have decided to didicate 12 weeks to the intermediate adult learner plan and hope to push for the 1700 rating mark
8 days ago
I can help you improve your Bullet
8 days ago
Hello, I am a school chess club player looking to improve at chess. Ive been playing chess for a long time but only seriously since I joined my schools chess club. Im now rated 700 on blitz but im hoping thatll change soon.
8 days ago
Hi all, just joined and wanted to introduce myself. I started playing chess with a friend last summer but finally wanted to get better and start playing this last fall. I've casually made my way from 600 to 900 through youtube videos and lots of losses. I think I'm finally ready to take my chess journey more seriously and use a focused approach. Happy to join this community!!!!