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Mar 18, 2020
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5|5 Arena Tonight @8pm:
2 days ago
Hi Haviick, I messaged you.
6 days ago
does this group still meet in local toronto parks ?1 minute ago been trying to get into the FB group but my application been pending for weeks
Hello everyone! :) I will be re-hosting the Canadian Club Chess League starting July 21st. The event will have a prize fund, and will be CFC Rated. Looking to see if Chess in The Park would like to participate again. Here are the details:
5|5 Arena Tonight @8pm:
In Support of Ukraine

In Support of Ukraine

elfinka | Mar 1, 2022
We, members of Chess in the Park, choose and pray for the victory of ❤ good over evil ❤ light over darkness ❤ love over hate ❤ peace over war in Ukraine and the world.
Cobra Chess on Twitch

Cobra Chess on Twitch

elfinka | Feb 6, 2022
If you are watching Hikaru Nakamura or Botez Sisters, you just can't miss our own Devin's streams on Twitch.  Link: Why to watch: 1) He is one of the most active members of our club community. 2) You benefit a lot from watching a +2000 level player explain the chess strategy. 3) Excellent music at his channel. Relaxing and chill. Jazz. 4) Devin is humble and welcomes challenges from the lower rated players like me. 5) Devin's explanations are easy to und...