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Chess Mistresses

Chess Mistresses

Founded: Dec 1, 2008
Members: 20
The first women’s group on the site, Chess Mistresses was created by Diana Leon and started in support of Chesskween (Jane) who passed away not long afterwards but saw her dream of an active friendly women’s group come to fruition. Our group is lovingly dedicated to her memory. We have strict rules about only women being members and run checks to ensure this! We cater for women of all ages and abilities, we are all equal in Chess Mistresses! We play team matches, ladder league, tournaments, vote chess but most of all have fun playing, chatting and sharing experiences. If you are female, want to play and have fun with women who will welcome and support you, this is your group! Please note we respect all other women's groups and many of our members play for them as well as us without any difficulty, so membership of other groups is no barrier. If you want to join get in touch now!


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    Alissa Alba | Spain

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    London, England

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