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Chess Planet

Chess Planet

The Chess Planet Founded: Sep 7, 2010
Members: 40
Welcome to Chess Planet! This is the planet where everything is made out of chess including the buildings, stores, offices and even whole cities! We will always have team matches and vote chess available for you so you will never be bored in this group. Our goal is to fight our way to first place on the vote chess and team match leader boards! We also want to exceed 100 members by the end of 2010. Help us in our journey to first place on the leader boards. Join and we will be honored to have you as a member!


  • Online Oct 8, 2015

    Al Bundy | Finland

    Joined Club: Jan 30, 2011

  • Online Dec 28, 2010

    eric 4 | Victoria, Canada

    Joined Club: Sep 8, 2010

  • Online Aug 16, 2017

    Andrew Modder | United States

    Joined Club: Sep 10, 2010


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