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Chess Predators

Chess Predators

Anyone is welcome! Founded: Jun 30, 2012
Members: 17
Are you a predator of the chessboard, who prowls the corners of the chessboard and springs out at unprepared victims with an arsenal of deadly weapons? Unorthodox openings, gambits, mating nets or speculative sacrifices, just to name a few. Do you feel an urge to win every time you sit down at a game of chess? Well this is the group for you! Join us today to discuss and play the highest level of chess! Also, we have a super fun and active chess ladder!!! So come on and join the ladder too!!!


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    Cody Carson | New Brunswick, Canada

    Joined Club: Jul 8, 2012

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    New York City, United States

    Joined Club: Jul 3, 2012


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