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I think we should bring back the leaderboard for the highest rated users on this app. :)
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I am playing Puzzles and I am wondering if I should be hearing moves? I am a basic member. Thanks.
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Hello all!
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It’s okay, everything is fine now.
Analysis of our Second Vote Chess Game (Another Win)

Analysis of our Second Vote Chess Game (Another Win)

peterthepawn453 | Apr 17, 2019
Here's my analysis. The main story of this game was white's way overambitious Bxh6. This attack just doesn't work as white has no follow up. The only comment they made was "a4" which was the correct idea. After that, a lot of the moves were forced though we did need to play accurately. We managed to defend adequately which gave us a -2 advantage. Then, they blundered their queen...
Analysis of our First Vote Chess Game

Analysis of our First Vote Chess Game

peterthepawn453 | Jan 24, 2019
We just finished our first vote chess game with a win! Sadly, the win came because the other team timed out, but we were up a pawn with a strong position so it was a great first game for the team. A win is a win 😄. Here's my analysis of the game. Please comment with other ideas you may have found. I used an engine as well as Decode Chess to analyze the game. We didn't make any inaccuracies, but there were two moves we could have improved. The first was failing to play Nxd5 and doub...
Tactics Focused Tournament!

Tactics Focused Tournament!

peterthepawn453 | Dec 30, 2018
Join our tournament with a focus on tactics! The goal is to win the tournament, but we'll feature the best tactical moves found on our social media accounts. So, side goal is to find some awesome positions and tactical ideas.
Join our first vote chess game!

Join our first vote chess game!

peterthepawn453 | Dec 10, 2018
Join the game here:  If you haven't played before, in vote chess, we play as one team in one game. Everyone discusses the best moves and then votes on what they think is best. It's a fantastic way to play a great game and learn from other player's as they find interesting ideas. Let's get our first team win!