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ChessCity Founded: Apr 22, 2009
Members: 17
This is a community created just for Advanced and Master chess players. Inside you will find interesting and useful content to improve and to reach your goals. You will be able to chat and to discuss all the time just with players in your rating range so it will make your comunication easier. If you are a less skilled player you may be interested in joining the other CHESSWORLD communities instead: ChessVillage: For players starting in chess and ChessTown: For Intermediate and Consolidated Players.^.^ (WE ARE JUST SETTING UP SO PLEASE BE PATIENT, NEW CONTENT IS DAILY ADDED) To be entitled to join you have to provide a rating over 2000 or have passed the ChessTown Training.


  • Online Dec 4, 2016

    Manu Fergi | Spain

    Joined Club: Apr 22, 2009


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