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Aug 17, 2012
hoe maken we nederlands??
Oct 15, 2022
Hello, If anyone is a Dutch beginner but wants to share their problems, you can join my club, Dutch Beginners.
Nov 30, 2014
try this link :
Oct 2, 2014
Apr 18, 2013
...should be done in a consistent manner, with some authority. I think localisation needs a captain and a course to be plotted out.
Great News! Planning to go Live with Dutch next week!

Great News! Planning to go Live with Dutch next week!

DeepGreene | Dec 13, 2012
Hi all! Thanks to the efforts of all our translators (YOU guys!), we've now reached the point where we believe we can now make the site available in Dutch to non-translators: a change we're planning to make as early as next Monday. This doesn't necessarily mean that all translations are complete or "perfect"; things will continue to evolve, of course! But we've come a long way! Thank you! (If you feel strongly there is any reason why we should not make Dutch optional for all users, pl...
Help us create Translation Style-Guides!

Help us create Translation Style-Guides!

DeepGreene | Sep 5, 2012
Hi guys! In trying to make the best translation tools we can, we've been looking around at other web-based enterprises that offer similar features to find good examples of "best practices" we can use to help our translators here at! Facebook does something very cool in providingĀ language-specific translator guides, and we'd like to review the guides for all the languages we're translating first, to see if the content would be helpful for our users as well. Unfortunately, once ...