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Chessfactor is a chess learning website for players who want to improve their chess skills. We know that learning chess and improving your skills is a challenging and time-consuming task, which is even more complicated by the amount of material out there. We therefore established Chessfactor to provide a structured learning platform with content created by international chess masters and their teaching experiences. Just to name a few of them: GM Sam Shankland, GM Ivan Sokolov, GM Arkadij Naiditsch, GM Markus Ragger, GM Alex Lenderman, IM Alex Astaneh and others. We are also planning to record more in the future with some Top GMs. Whether you're an absolute beginner or advanced player we offer different guided learning paths and various interactive courses for any level.


Here, we will regularly post news and updates of our website and YouTube channel and publish content about different topics such as opening theory, opening traps, chess strategy, master game analysis and much more. Being part of this community will help you to get better in chess and ultimately to win more games.


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