144 Members
Apr 28, 2020
43 Events Played

We represent Long Island! ChessLI was formed in 2016 to promote chess education and camaraderie in Long Island.  Our members have participated in tournaments, taught chess classes, hosted United States Chess Federation tournaments and have tournament directed in conjunction with other chess clubs in the New York area.  ChessLI is an official Affiliate Club of the United States Chess Federation (Affiliate ID#A6052410).


The ChessLI Club Will Help Represent Long Island Chess Players In An Invitational, International Online Chess Tournament Against Some of The Most Established Chess Clubs In The World.

TO BECOME A CHESS.COM TEAM MEMBER, YOU MUST FULFILL ONE OF THE FOLLOWING: 1) BE A MEMBER OR BECOME A MEMBER OF CHESSLI OR 2) HAVE PARTICIPATED IN A CLASS OR TOURNAMENT WE HELPED RUN.  While we would like this club to be open to all, we are sorry but this is a requirement for our participation in the chess league. If you a responding to an Invitation, then you already fulfill one of the above stated requirements.