• Every Child is a small miracleWelcome to the Chess Tempo After School Program

    As you probably aware, there are many after school programs available throughout the Metroplex. Very few are designed to stimulate the creative forces found in all children. Chess is one such program.

    Why Chess, you may ask?

    • Chess makes creative problem solving into an enjoyable game;
    • Chess builds self confidence and self esteem;
    • Chess promotes concentration and outside the box thinking;
    • We teach children to think with their brains instead of their hands;
    • Children are taught to focus their attention.
    • Children also develop their ability to “observe” and not just to “see”.

    Chess Tempo Philosophy

    Our philosophy is to provide each student with several insightful precepts:

    • That success in chess consists not only in seeing what your opponent sees, but thinking what your opponent has not thought;
    • That every move must have a purpose;
    • That one must always ask –why did my opponent make that move?
    • That Chess is not about winning- it’s about learning.

    Chess Curriculum

    Our curriculum is now being used in a number of schools and recreation centers around the Metroplex.

    This curriculum includes:

    • History of the game
    • Terminology and examples of said terminology (fianchetto bishop, discovered check)
    • How the pieces move
    • Where to place pieces in the most advantageous positions
    • How to Check & Checkmate
    • The solving of creative Chess Puzzles
    • Different Chess Tactics
    • Different Chess Strategies
    • Chess Tempo Classes

    Chess Tempo is available seven days a week for group classes and for private lessons for all ages:

    • For children with special needs:
    • For children new to chess
    • For children who already knew the basic rules of the game
    • For children that know some basic rules but who wish to advance their cognitive skills in Chess

    At all Private lessons children will receive:

    • Private one on one instruction;
    • Analysis of the student’s strengths and weaknesses
    • Advice on how to self improve.

       5555 chesyenne trl
       plano, tx, 75023
       United States

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    Phone #: 214-448-5924




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