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Clan Re

Clan Re

Founded: Nov 18, 2013
Members: 45
Clan Reborn is a multi-platform competitive gaming dynasty, that formed in 2003. We hope to bring together dedicated and legitimate players from all over the world to represent us, and bring glory and honor to our name. We hope to establish a professional gaming team, on multiple platforms, bringing together the highest levels of skill with emphasis on sportsmanship, respect, comradery. What makes this different from other teams, is that this is a brotherhood, and we help our own in anyway we can. Whether through 1 on 1 training to help improve our game, or life advice. We hope our members will contribute to make this team legendary throughout the E-sports world. We have reached great success in the top competitive leagues of Warcraft III, Star-craft, and counterstrike. We value fair competitive play, so that means no cheating of any kind and we value well mannered respectable people. We hold ourselves to the highest standard of professionalism. If you do as well, then please join us


  • Online Sep 16, 2017

    Alexander Mazilu | United States

    Joined Club: Nov 18, 2013

  • Online Jul 25, 2014

    Eric Berman | United States

    Joined Club: Feb 18, 2014

  • Online Oct 17, 2016

    United States

    Joined Club: Nov 19, 2013


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