ClashRoyale's Chess Club

240 Members
Nov 13, 2018
76 Events Played

An International club that plays all types of team matches! Our member list includes 12 titled players as well as many other strong players. We welcome competitive members and will be glad to have you on our team. We are a competitive club and have a strong vote chess team with currently a 89%  (not including added percentage from draws) win rate from a record of 16 wins, 1 loss and 1 draw in vote chess. We will be constantly reinforcing our line up so we can play the strongest chess possible. We look forward to having fun and playing competitive chess in a friendly environment as we strive to become one of the strongest teams on happy.png! All club rules and policies are posted in the private description of the club. Thank you for reading the club description and we hope you have a wonderful day!