Computer Collision

The unknown computer dimension
Jun 23, 2020
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hmm does anyone know lua?
kaliko is spam
Aug 4, 2020
please join my cub
Jul 6, 2020
can you do a download of idle and repl?
Jul 6, 2020
Learn python turtle

Learn python turtle

kevinshen2010 | Jun 30, 2020
We are going to learn python turtles today! python turtles are basicly using python to draw something! once you learn about python turtles, you can draw some really cool things. python turtles can also draw many illusions. download python Here is a document you can read about python turtles: python turtles document Now lets learn python turtles! learn python turtles here is a video series for python turtles note: this video series uses a different python. for the first 2 lines inste...
Scratch Coding Competition

Scratch Coding Competition

kevinshen2010 | Jun 25, 2020
There is a Scratch Coding Competition that is happening now. It requires you to make a project about COVID-19 and add a 3-5 minute demonstration video. It isn't due until august. Here is the link for Scratch: Here is the link for the Scratch project submission form: Winners will be announced in August. Good Luck!