Tomorrow I will complete 14 years on earth. So, on that occasion, I am organizing a tournament. FOr that, you need to be a member of my club https://www.chess.com/club/curz-of-64-squares Thanku!!!!
14 days ago
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Mar 13, 2021
You can also view DCA tournaments in your tournaments tab. DCA conducts a tournament daily at 10.15 PM this tournament is free and does not carry any prize.
14th ENTRY FEE FREE online tournament on 18-04-2021 (Sunday) at 1930 hrs (7.30 pm)

14th ENTRY FEE FREE online tournament on 18-04-2021 (Su...

bharathravikumar | Apr 18, 2021
Dakshinamoorthy Chess Academy (DCA) organizes the 14th ENTRY FEE FREE online tournament on 18-04-2021 (Sunday) at 1930 hrs (7.30 pm). Platform: chess.com.8 rounds swiss systemTime control: 5mts+2 Blitz will be followed. The link for the above tournament is as follows:https://www.chess.com/live#t= 2255783 No usage of engine is allowed. For details pl contact R. Janakiraman 9444975577.  PRIZE MONEY STRUCTURE 1 st prize.. Rs. 60/- 2nd prize Rs.   50/- 3rd prize  Rs.   35/-4th prize  Rs.   30/-...


bharathravikumar | Sep 24, 2020
About DCA:  The club is being run/functioning in the name of beloved chess lover late Dakshinamoorthy Sir (Age 92), who is a great chess enthusiast. He has dedicated his entire life to the growth of chess. DCA was established in the year 2011 and is a well renowned chess club supported by its 45 members.  Membership:  First month Rs 400/- (which includes an one time club registration fee of Rs 200/-) thereafter Rs 200/- (per month) from second month onwards. The membership fee is the lowes...