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!!!>“On the Chess Board”<!!! Founded: Feb 8, 2010
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DEEPEST BLUE is for chess players to unite. Pass on your thoughts, be tested, test others but in a friendly group atmosphere, kindly share your knowledge. We are active chess players who would like to improve our knowledge and help others along the way. If you feel you would help us grow by posting articles, not so much in group notes, assist others while expanding your knowledge then you are welcome? Post some of your completed games for review as an educational tool. Analyze other members completed games in order to further develop their abilities with constructive feedback. Articles such as openings, traps, puzzles, endgames, tactics, your completed games, historical games are welcome for discussion. DEEPEST BLUE is a place to learn and strengthen your skills on the chess board and meet some great people. “Good positions don't win games, good moves do”


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