Den of Patzers

107 Members
Apr 3, 2022
37 Events Played

Hello Everyone! Welcome to Neo Beginners and Masters (now known as “Den of Patzers”)! In here, be ready for a kind community!

Here are some basic rules to follow:

1. BE KIND! This our number one rule to keep the club nice!

2. No advertising 

Please do not advertise personal clubs or blogs without permission of a super admin. When advertising, please post the name of the super admin.

3. Be Nice! + Language

Please refrain from swearing in this club. In addition, refrain from personal attacks on other members. 

4. Annotating Games

When creating forum posts centered around games, please annotate them. You can do this on a computer by right clicking the move and clicking "Add comment after". On some mobile devices you can do this by holding down the move. (emphasis on "some")

5. No cheating

This should be obvious. The consequences for cheating is a base of 3 month ban from the cheater's new account, and can be extended indefinitely depending on the views of the staff.