DGT Pegasus Centaur e-Board Users

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Feb 3, 2022
6 hrs ago
Does anyone know if it is possible to connect the DGT Smart Board (no bluetooth) to an android phone with a cable? The chess.com app seems to work with my Millenium eOne board, and I'd like to try it with my DGT board too.
Is there anyone who can confirm for certain whether they get an option to choose promotion piece when using the pegasus?
I think so, but unfortunately I haven't played with Pegasus in a long time, so I can't remember exactly. I am sorry that I cannot give reliable information on this point.
It promoted to queen immediately. Are you saying you get the option to choose a piece when you promote?
That's strange, it should take effect and it should be necessary to confirm the promotion on the screen (!) because Pegasus doesn't recognize the piece itself. Perhaps if you are not fast enough with confirming it auto-queens...