Duck State University

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Sep 23, 2022
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Club for the students of @tactixianchess - the dictator (ducktator?) of ducks both near and beyond. Join us if you wish to learn how to patz like never before and take your game to the next level!


If you wish to apply, submit a request to join detailing why you want to get better at chess, your current rating, your future chess goals and how much you're looking to invest into those goals.

(the response does not have to be long and detailed, it's just so I have some background on where to start)


Ideally, I'd like to accept students between the rating ranges of 600 - 2000, but I can make exceptions based on each individual response.


I am willing to work with students sporadically, and I think the best type of learning comes not from a student that adheres to strict schedules but one that regularly plays and enjoys the game. However, regularly doing so without analysis can lead into unhealthy habits which can negatively impact your overall play. My purpose is so that you can continue your regular enjoyment of the game, while continuously introducing new concepts and ideas so you can practice and apply what you've already learned. 


If you are roughly over 2300 Blitz and 2100 Rapid (peak) you may also apply to be a coach at Duck State University.


Enjoy Quacking everyone, and happy learning! happy.png