ECF Online English County Championships

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Apr 27, 2020
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A club to organise the ECF Online English County Championships, now in its second season.  The Counties Championships over-the-board has 100 years of history behind it, this is the first online Championship for the member English County Associations of the English Chess Federation.   More about the Counties Championships can be found here including a look back over its 100 years of evolution.

NEXT EVENT: Online English Counties Championships II – Qualifying tournaments

12 June to 21 August  with Rounds Scheduled for June 12 &19, July 3 & 11, August 21

Online Counties Championships 2021 – English Chess Federation


MINOR OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP – teams with an average rating limited to 1900

U1800 CHAMPIONSHIP – teams with players rated below 1800

Contact your County Association if you wish to participate this summer

Eligibility: A player was eligible to represent one of the following historical counties of England in the Championship if the player was an ECF member or supporter, is not barred from ECF online Clubs, had an active playing account (and had not held any others); and meets one of the following criteria:
(i) Birth in that county.
(ii) Five years’ domicile in that county at any time.
(iii) Two months’ immediate previous and present membership of a club either in or affiliated to that County.
(iv) One month’s immediately previous and present domicile in that County.
(v) Present attendance as a student at a school, college or university in that County.



NATIONAL 1400 – August 21 and September 11 & 18 for players rated below 1400.

BLACKBURNE CHALLENGE -  NORTH v SOUTH rematch – date to be announced



CHAMPIONS 2020, Online English Counties Championships
County Champions: Northumberland
U1825 Champions: Essex

Divisional Championships winners
Major Open: Devon (Division 1)
Open Challengers: Middlesex B (Division 2)
Minor Open: Worcestershire (Division 2)
U1825 Challengers: Greater Manchester (U1825)

NATIONAL 100 CHAMPIONS 2020, The South
A grand slam over the East Saxons, Midland Outlaws and the Northern Raiders.

NORTH v SOUTH Blackburne Challenge – 2020 Champions The North