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Endless Chess Quiz

Endless Chess Quiz

Location: Quiz World
Founded: Mar 19, 2012
Members: 8
[To learn... chess, you would do the Endless Chess Quiz... It powers every detail of chess, history of chess, famous chess people and other things related to chess]. And we are a team that wants to help you or anyone doing this Endless Chess Quiz. This team is allowed to #1-100 ranks to be a admin. This group is created for people to ask quiz questions and to succeed in the rankings. This group is not that much of team match or vote chess team. About me: I have over 600k points and I am in the top 20 ranks.


  • Online 24 days ago

    MR.DMITRI ALEXEI DEVIATOV | Shekutovo, Moscow, Maryland, Russia

    Joined Club: Mar 19, 2012

  • Online 9 hrs ago

    aC Kelly --Semarang Utara | Jawa Tengah, Indonesia

    Joined Club: Mar 19, 2012

  • Online Nov 19, 2015

    Garrett Pieper | overland park KS, United States

    Joined Club: Jul 25, 2013

  • In Live

    Ahmed Elgantiry | Egypt

    Joined Club: Sep 20, 2012

  • Online Jul 24, 2018

    Anders Olsen | Portland, United States

    Joined Club: Jul 22, 2013

  • Online Feb 19, 2017

    Sander Frost | Norway

    Joined Club: Feb 27, 2015

  • Online Nov 2, 2014

    United States

    Joined Club: Sep 16, 2014


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