Eowyn's Guard

Eddoras, Rohan, Middle Earth Founded: Feb 26, 2009
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Women’s group, Eowyn's Guard, is a team for active women chess warriors (players) and those who aspire to be. The Guard is the most active and successful women's team on chess.com. We want the ladies who are willing, nay eager, to sharpen their skills on the field of battle in the company of sisters. The object is to play lots of team chess, chat, interact, and get to know each other. We even do a 'little' fashion talk. As a team we will provide feedback to your games, teaching and support for all even the newest! Trying to improve is much easier in a small group rather than forums. Women with high ratings are welcome and needed, of course, but we truly want beginners and lower ratings as well. We will do our best to provide team matches that provide a level playing field for all ratings. Come, join us ladies, and together we shall fight with honor. Currently, membership in the Guard is by invitation only.


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