European League

Jan 21, 2017
Aug 12, 2022
25% from their profile (percentage of lost games by timeout in last 3 months) - it is completely relying on calculation, just check what is on player profile under daily games
Aug 12, 2022
With regards to the 25% Timeouts rule for withdrawing someone from a roster, is that 25% of their lost games or 25% TO from all their games?
Aug 12, 2022
@noblestone, on the left side of your screen press "light UI" to turn it to "dark" and then you will be able to view the page properly.
Aug 12, 2022
This background may look nice, but it´s not practical, difficult to read the text on the page ...
Mar 7, 2022
We have an open discussion forum here in the group. I have moved the most recent discussion there. Of course group notes have never been the best place to discuss things.
Please very quickly organize these remaining EL2022 matches

Please very quickly organize these remaining EL2022 mat...

CM ilmago | Sep 9, 2022
These EL2022 matches are not yet in our lists of played matches. It seems they have not been organized yet by their team admins. Please organize them quickly now, there is very little time left until the deadline of 15th September when all matches of EL2022 must be started. If one of these matches has already been organized, please kindly give me its link so that I can include it in the lists. Division 2: EL2022 R3: Team of the Czech Republic vs Team Poland