Exercitatio Artem Parat

461 Members
Jan 22, 2023
146 Events Played

Hi there. I would like to invite you to join our chess club Exercitatio Artem Parat. We are a constantly growing club and are part of different competitions as soon as they are avaible. 

This is an international and very active club.

We try to put our theoretical knowledge of chess into practice in this club. And we practice a lot. We manage this sometimes more and sometimes less well. We always do this fairly and with respect for the performance of our opponent. A defeat always is the chance to learn something. Most of the time you learn even more from them.

This club is no place for cheaters, abusers and troublemakers.

We represent values ​​such as decency, fairness, sincerity, willingness to learn and reliability.

In this club we will play daily teammatches, votechess with an active discussion and we will play a monthly themematch. 

Members need be willing to be an active part of this club (play our matches and/or participate at vc etc.) All ratings are welcome.

All our offers are voluntary, so there is no need to play every match. The important ones will be announced on all possible ways (News, PM, Notes) if necessary.

Any questions? Please ask as necessary.

Competition particapation(s):

One World League (2023): Swiss4All (7th rank out of 42), U17 Classic Championship (2nd rank out of 6), 

The Group (CCC) 2023/24 (aborted)

One World League (2024): U1800 10, U1600 20, Chess960 Open 4+, Swiss4All 

TMCL(2024): U1400

TCMAC (2024): Phoenix Tournament 

We try to be as successful as possible and wants to become one of the strongest clubs on cc. We want to win all competitions/divisions that we are part of!


Be part of Exercitatio Artem Parat!


We would be very happy to welcome you with us.

Best regards, 


Ps. (I apologize if you got this invitation more than once)