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Mar 8, 2023
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Honourable member of our club : @racquetball1(Candidate master)

                                                           @Bgabor91(Fide master)



Hello Everyone, I am Devarsh(Owner). I hope that you all are doing great. This club is dedicated to you all, everyone is invited here and we will be glad if this club became diverse. Our goal is to unify our members into mean machine chess players! 

Note to world: Expect us, because we are coming!

Perks of our club :-

In our club, you will have access to vast resources such as chess videos, puzzles, tournaments, and a fun environment to expand your horizons and sharpen your chess skills! We will have tournaments often, about 3-4 a week. In our forum, there will be a vast library of chess videos that will be updated every Saturday. We will have Vote chess matches as often as the tournaments.


Requirement to join our club !

1.No abuse(come on this club is for fun not for abuse)

2.No advertising(You can advertise but not without asking us else you will be muted or in worst case banned)

3.Enjoy here 

4.If you are not going to be active in our club, please don't join!

5.We only want members who are keen to learn and improve in chess. Feel free to invite anyone else who may be interested in joining our club! Thanks for your time, and have a good day!!!

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