Friendly Chess

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Jan 21, 2023
54 Events Played

Welcome to my club!
You need friendly tournaments over the weekend? You need to chat, discuss chess? Then this will be the perfect place for you!
Club will regularly organize friendly tournaments, daily matchs with other clubs. In addition, you can also chat, learn chess experience from good players in the club.
However, you must still adhere to the following principles:
- Behave civilly and politely
-Respect everyone
- Actively participate in tournaments
- Only allowed to advertise the club once a week
-Post about chess

Okay, so what if you want to be an admin?
So you will have to get these:
1. Follow the rules of the club well
2. Invite at least 10 new members to the club
3. Have good leadership ability
4. Know how to use the functions of (Create events, invite new members, ban members, ...)

And lastly, I wish everyone to stay healthy, play chess well to create the most effective learning community!