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Hecate's Generals

Hecate's Generals

Founded: Jun 17, 2012
Members: 56
Hecate, Greek goddess of the three paths, guardian of the household, protector of everything newly born, and the goddess of witchcraft -- once a widely revered and influential goddess, the reputation of Hecate has been tarnished over the centuries. If you are a strong, brave chess playing warrior, with a rating over 1700, you can help us protect the reputation of our Goddess. We have fun playing against other groups. I look forward to welcoming you to the group.


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    thumbelina milestone | London, United Kingdom

    Joined Club: Mar 13, 2013

  • Online Jun 16, 2015

    dobra dobrowski | çıkmaz sokak, Turkey

    Joined Club: Jul 5, 2014


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