Hybrid Chess Federation

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Jan 15, 2024
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Road To Prodigy 2.0!!!

This club's origin starts from its very first name "Young stars". It was created on 28th March, 2021. This club was growing steadily and it was one of the most active clubs of that time. However, our club went through dark inactive ages where our club started to lose its activity.

Eventually, the club owner's account started getting banned regularly for no reason. It happened till a few months ago when he decided to not to use chess.com at all. But before that, his club and his friend's club merged together with intention to form a bigger club and develop some activity. His friend was made the owner.

That club still went inactive, it was called Little Big Prodigies at that time. Few years passed, and then the owner came with a whole different strategy. But there was a problem. He used to trust ppl a lot. Some guy asked him SA, and the owner gave him. Owner needed to close his account to get a complete new start. Well, that guy became the owner and demoted some ppl and promoted his friends.

On November 1, 2023, he got the club ownership back after a lot of struggle. The club skyrocketed in terms of members and reached 577 at the end of February 2024. 

Well, eventually the owner closed his account and some imposter, disguised as the owner himself, asked the owner of that time, @Zunayed_781038, to make him owner. Well, Zunayed and the actual owner had contact from discord. But some other guy from discord also asked the owner if he's legit. He wrote the username in such a way the owner thought he did a typo and he said yes... what happens??? Well you guessed it right.

Downfall of a popular club, Road To Prodigy. He and his friend (maybe his alt) kicked every one from the club and then disabled it. We did not give up. We were heartbroken, but we did a new start. 

Hybrid Chess Federation is on a Road To Recovery to get back all the 577 members. Well, we reached 300 yet... please take your part by joining our club! We'll be so grateful of you!