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Hypermodern Hangout

Hypermodern Hangout

Founded: Aug 15, 2009
Members: 350
This group is for players that like to play different kinds of hypermodern opening like for example Réti Opening, King's Indian Defence, Queen's Indian Defence, Nimzo-Indian Defence, Grünfeld Defence and many more. More about hypermodern openings can be read here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypermodernism_%28chess%29 We play vote chess and team matches and every match will begin with one specific opening (but vote chess games may sometimes start with the initial position). If you feel like you want to try some hypermodern openings. This is the group for you.


  • Online 11 hrs ago

    David Styles | Eŭropo, International

    Joined Club: Sep 11, 2016

  • Online 7 hrs ago

    chris coleman | Slippery Rock, Pa, United States

    Joined Club: Nov 1, 2012

  • Online 7 hrs ago

    John Lawitzke | Bellevue, MI, United States

    Joined Club: Apr 18, 2014

  • Online 9 hrs ago

    Jeff Stein | Shelbyville, KY, United States

    Joined Club: Jan 13, 2015

  • Online 7 hrs ago

    Thomas Darnell | Baltimore, United States

    Joined Club: Nov 1, 2013

  • Online 1 hr ago

    David Scott | Surbiton, United Kingdom

    Joined Club: May 1, 2017


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