I like beer and Chess

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Dec 21, 2014
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Rules for entering and staying at I like Beer and Chess


We will not tolerate personal attacks against the ethnicity, religion, culture and sexual orientation of any member. If you engage in this you will be removed!! 


The language used by the team is English, but nothing prevents members from using their native language.

We do not tolerate personal discussions in the notes. If you wish to chat then please use our chat room. 

To clarify any situation, look for an SA or administrator
Grateful for understanding


This group is geared towards chess, and beer and new friends.
There is no need to drink beer to join the club. The official language here is English, as it is geared towards the International Community. Nothing prevents you from using your native language, but it would be good to use English for everyone to understand.

We hope you will join us to help create our group and explore the world of beer. Drink a lot, play clean and make friends.

Our group participates in several tournaments - Team Match Champions League (TMCL), team in Chess960, Super 1700, ONE WORLD League, TMI, Chess Tour. VOTE ON CHESS.
Be welcome !!

                          "WE ARE THE BEER"