icy's gang

281 Members
Aug 10, 2022
72 Events Played

Icy's Gang is a Daily focused Chess Club.

Requirements to join icy's gang:

- Chess.com 3+ months account membership 

- Daily Timeout percentage less than 10% last 90 days

- At least 20 completed Daily games & 1 ongoing Daily game

- Do Not Timeout in Daily Club Team Matches (super important we battle as a Team, Timeouts hurt everyone on the Team)

- Play Club Team Matches to checkmate (Opponent Timeouts & Blunders happen)

- Play Fair - No Cheating, Chess Engine or Tablebase end game use!

- Note that we DO NOT CARE if you have a low rating, you are still Welcome!

- Declare other Club's in which you hold Administrative positions (Excessive Club memberships and/or Club Administrative positions are cause to decline Club membership)

- If you Own another Club you must declare it and obtain an icy's gang Super Administrator's waiver to join

- Have fun! Support each other and be respectful we are a Club Team!

This is an extremely exclusive Club, only a small percentage of those who apply are accepted. Those who bring no value to the Team are removed (high Timeout percentages, resigning viable games, not participating in Club Team Matches). This is the home of many strong Daily players. We are able to put up a formidable 100+ competitors in our Team Match lineups.