IM Nubair's Chess Club

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Aug 15, 2020
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Hello Everyone!
Welcome to Official Fan Club of IM Nubair's Youtube Subs! & followers.

This Club is made for my YouTube Channel, where I will post stream updates & its platform for all members to discuss chess related things, play subscribers tournaments and many more.

As a member of this Club, you can participate in the following activities we organize:

  • live.png Weekly Live Tournaments
  • playhand.png Club Battles
  • tactics.png Puzzle Solving Contests
  • coaches.png Simul Exhibitions
  • clubs.png Stay in touch with other chess lovers. 

Here, we try to offer you a pleasant and friendly environment where you can enjoy playing chess! happy.png

If you haven't already, make sure to subscribe Youtube Channel & Join Discord for all the Updates. Links :

I'll see You guys around
- IM Nubairshah Shaikh.