Imperial Space Rulers
We destroy our opponents like black holes stealing their pride and rule,and when we lose we explode like the end of the life for a star but gathers dust to form another star to rebuild and reform our eagerness,pride and rule and we become a black hole and win and lose and our cycle will never end.We will rule with our army through team matches and make choices in vote chess.We will live long like the night sky.Our rule is endless like how endless space is.The stars form and gather to become constellations like the people in this group gather and become a team.We have full command over space.If you aren't here in this group you will not be able to have rule over the universe.The stars are united to form this team so their is no need to worry about cooperation.The stars form your destiny of joining the constellation.If you like Star Wars or Star Trek You should join Because space is waiting for you to join the constellation.But why not Join anyway?
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