International Daily Chess League

121 Members
Jan 16, 2024
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Join this club to take part in an individual chess league. The club will not play in inter-club matches. It is purely to organise a league internally for individual club members.

The club's primary purpose is to run a Daily Chess league, and all club members are expected to participate in the league. There may also be occasional optional entry speed chess tournaments organised for members.


League schedule:

Each league "season" will last for 12 weeks. 


All club members will be allocated to a Division. In the first season after a player joins, their division will be determined based on Daily chess Elo. 

Invites to take part in each division will be sent to 5-8 players.

Before the start of a new season, members will be invited to join a tournament for their division. The tournaments will be 3-day no vacation events, with one match ongoing per opponent. So in a 6 player division, expect to have 5 matches ongoing to begin with, and to complete 10 games within 12 weeks. A division will begin when all invites have been accepted, or by a stated deadline if not everyone accepts the invite. Divisions may begin with a minimum of 3 players.

League standings:

The 1, 0.5, 0 point system awarded by in each division can be ignored. Final standings will be determined as follows:

Win - 3 points

Draw - 1 point

Loss - 0 points

Loss by timeout - -1 point

For games which have not been completed by the end of the season, the player who has the quicker average move speed in that match will gain 3 points. The player with the slower average move speed will be awarded 0 points.


1. Games against tied opponent

2. Game against tied opponent won in fewest moves

3. Match won that season in fewest moves

4. Coin toss


At the end of the season, there will be promotions and relegations between the divisions. The number of players promoted and relegated from each division will be decided after the season begins, depending on how many players are competing in each Division.


Taking a break:

Club members may opt out of a particular season by notifying the club admin in advance.

If a player opts out of a season, they will maintain their status in their division.

Players who:

- play in the current season

- take a break by notifying the admin

- join the club during the current season as a new member

will be invited to join a division in the next season.

Players who are not playing in the current season and did not request a season break will be moved to the 'inactive player' list and will not receive an invite to the next season. If you are on the 'inactive list' and would like to play in the next season, send a message to an admin and they will move you off the inactive list.