It's Your Move ...

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Mar 4, 2010
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Chess is about Analysis,Strategies,Tactics n wise/logical Decision Making in the quickest time possible ... very much analogous to our required responses in everyday, real life situations. .. One is not allowed to simply move where u want but rather to study the situation first,then equipped with knowledge of the Basic Rules ,together with every acquired skill u have ,n all the options laid out before u ( in ur virtual world ) ... u then have to decide n make the Best Move possible ... Yeah ; It's Your Move , Mate ! Come join us to learn,think ,play n share Chess as u enjoy countless Team/Vote Match Battles with Players from other Teams around the World !!! Have fun participating in our Mini n Mega Team Tourneys too ... with uniquely designed Custom Trophies as ur Reward !!! Share interesting posts .. articles,comments,jokes,queries,etc with us on our Group Forum ... or simply drop by to catch a breath of fresh air , before making that next all important move on ur Chess Games.