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Founded: Jan 30, 2012
Members: 2,156
Justice, Δικαιοσύνη, Gerechtigkeit, Giustizia,справедливость, عدالة ,正义 Welcome to a group that above all preaches morality and fairness. We welcome chess players from all around the world but primarily moral people! Everybody is welcome to join this group and especially titled players (GM/IM/FM/WGM/WIM/WFM/NM/CM) and strong chess players! We also participate in the Team Match Champions League, Knockout Champions League, Knockout Vote Chess Championships, Club Chess Tour Championships and play many matches against the best groups on this site. We appreciate your contribution and those of you who consider themselves trustworthy, can apply for becoming admins! This is an invitation ONLY group or you can apply for acceptance through the normal channels! Cheaters are not welcome to this group and tolerance for unjustified time outs is very low! God Bless!


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